€100 Million Raised for Irish Charities

We have kicked off our 2024 year by reaching over €100 million lifetime raised for Irish causes. This milestone not only reflects the platform’s success but, more importantly, underscores the profound impact of everyday individuals who believe in creating a positive change for their communities.

The year 2024 begins on a high note for us, and we are eagerly anticipating an exciting year ahead, building on the remarkable achievement of crossing the €100 million milestone.

“We are immensely proud to announce that together, we have surpassed the €100 million mark in funds raised for Irish causes,” said Alan Coyne, CEO at iDonate. “This achievement is not just about numbers; it is a testament to the unwavering generosity of the Irish people, and those who have chosen to make a positive impact on the lives of others.”

The platform’s success is a tribute to the countless stories of ordinary people making extraordinary contributions and the compassionate spirit of donors who have consistently embraced the platform’s advanced technology. As part of our commitment to supporting charities, our 0% Platform Fee Model ensures that causes on the platform not only enjoy 0% platform fees, but also benefit from higher conversion rates compared to other fee models, guaranteeing that charities raise more. The only charge that applies is a small transaction fee of 1.95%, which is 1% lower than other leading platforms.

The impact of the Irish people’s efforts can be seen across various sectors, with over €33 million raised for individuals facing health or medical conditions. Charities dedicated to children have received a commendable €12 million, while sports initiatives in Ireland have benefited from over €6 million in donations. A significant sum of over €5 million directed towards mental health and support, with another substantial €5 million aiding the cause of homelessness and housing.

These are just some of the remarkable figures that highlight the broad spectrum of causes that resonate with the Irish community, emphasizing the positive impact of collaborative giving.

The year 2024 marks another significant chapter in our companies growth story, with recent expansions in our dynamic team. We have strategically hired new talent in the areas of Operations, Customer Success, and Digital Marketing, adding diverse skills and experience to fuel our continued evolution.

Mr. Coyne goes on to say “iDonate extends a heartfelt gratitude to every donor, champion, and supporter who has played a role in this journey, because without you this remarkable milestone would not have been possible. We as a company remain committed to fostering a culture of giving here in Ireland and ensure that the stories of those making a difference are at the forefront of our companies mission”.

Thank you for helping us surpass €100 million raised for Irish Causes!