A New Offering for Charities With Multiple Branches!

iDonate have recently launched a new offering for charities with multiple branches – introducing Hub Fundraising Pages.

A Hub Fundraising Page acts as the main hub for a charity’s nationwide online fundraising activity, bringing together all branch fundraising pages in one central location. iDonate have supported Irish charities such as MS Ireland and Jigsaw to set up a Hub Fundraising Page, providing them with a cohesive, streamlined platform for their many branches across the country.

This central page provides information about the charity and their work and features the cause’s logo and imagery. The page can be branded to the cause colours and an interactive map can be added to the page, to highlight the locations of each branch. Clicking on a branch on the map will bring the user to this branch’s unique fundraising page, where they can donate or set up an individual fundraising page for this branch. See more benefits of Hub Fundraising Pages below!

Just some of the benefits of a Hub Fundraising Page include…

  • Each branch will have their own individual page which will be listed on the main Hub Page, enabling users to easily find the fundraising page for their local branch. Clicking on a map location will also bring users to a branch’s fundraising page.
  • Supporters can click on a branch page to make a donation to this branch
  • Supporters can set up their own fundraising page on a branch page with the click of a button – for example to collect funds for a local event such as a sponsored walk
  • Using the share button, supporters can share their local branch page via social media, WhatsApp and email and encourage others to donate to, or fundraise for, this branch
  • The total amount raised from each branch page will feed into the main hub page, highlighting the total raised by all branches to date
  • A report can be downloaded for each branch via the charity’s Cause Admin Panel, which provides details of the fundraising activity on that page
  • Leaderboards can be added to the main Hub Page to show which branches have raised the most funds throughout the year – adding an extra element of motivation for supporters!

With the new year fast approaching, now is the perfect time to set up a Hub Fundraising Page for your cause for 2024. This will enable your branches to set up online fundraisers quickly and easily and will ensure that all of your branches’ activity is connected in one place.

If you are interested in setting up a Hub Fundraising Page for your cause on iDonate, contact [email protected] now.