Increase Your CHY 3/4 Returns With iDonate’s E-signing Solution

As a busy fundraiser, we know that your time and resources are limited. We also understand that your supporters lead busy lives, juggling multiple priorities. That’s why at iDonate, we focus on providing tools that make giving easier.

One of our most popular tools for causes is our CHY3/4 e-signing solution, which makes the CHY 3/4 process quicker and easier for donors, increasing the number of returns for the cause.

By investing a very small amount of time in this area, you can greatly increase the number of completed CHY3/4 forms that your cause receives for 2021, helping you to raise more.


What are the benefits for my cause?

Our e-signing solution allows donors to sign their CHY3 and CHY4 forms online, making the process much quicker and straightforward, and therefore making them much more likely to complete it.

By reclaiming tax on their donation to an authorised charity, a donor can increase the value of their donation by up to an additional 45%. This means that your cause can potentially almost double your donations, with little effort or time investment.

Moving your CHY 3/4 signing online is also a lower cost, efficient and sustainable way for causes to manage the process. By eliminating the paperwork element, your cause will increase efficiency and save on the posting, printing and admin costs associated with direct mailouts. You will also be able to provide a more sustainable and mobile friendly CHY return option for your supporters.

With our service you can provide supporters with a smart link to the online CHY form, which has prefilled details. Not only does this make the process even quicker for the donor, but it also means that the form is less likely to be rejected by Revenue because of errors relating to PPS numbers etc.

The e-signing solution also allows you to capture completed forms at the point of donation, when donors are most motivated to give. See more details on this below.

CHY3 eSigning

Who qualifies for this scheme?

Any donation (or multiple donations) made to the same charity over the course of 1 year, which reach a total of €250, are eligible for a tax rebate under the CHY Scheme. To apply for this rebate, the charity must be authorised by Revenue.

After receiving the signed CHY form, the claim is made by the charity on behalf of each individual donor and by claiming, the value of a donation can be increased by up to an additional 45%.

A CHY 3 form is valid for 5 years which allows your cause to claim for any donations made by the donor in that period. A CHY 4 form is valid for 12 months only – the year in which the donation was made.

How does the e-signing solution work?

Our e-signing solution provides causes with new opportunities to drive CHY 3/4 conversions.

See below just some of the ways that you can utilise this solution, to get more from your donations.

CHY3 eSigning

All completed CHY 3/4 e-forms are electronically routed directly to charities for processing, streamlining the process for everyone involved and our service is fully approved by Revenue.

  1. Capture signed CHY3 forms at the point of donation
    By embedding the e-signing form into your donation process, you can encourage qualifying donors to sign the form when they are most receptive to this information. If a donor donates via your website and the donation qualifies for the scheme, they will immediately be prompted to complete the form leading to much higher conversions than a follow up email or postal request. You can even pass data into the form so that it’s partially pre-filled, making the process even quicker and simpler. The form can be seamlessly integrated on your website, with as little as one line of code.
  1. Run post donation campaigns to target qualifying donors
    With our e-signing solution, your cause can run targeted campaigns which invite qualifying donors to complete the form on your website, after they have made a donation of €250 or more. Link directly to the e-signing form webpage on your website and emphasise how quick and easy this process is for donors and the impact it will have for your cause.
  1. Highlight the service in your donor communications
    Utilise your social media, newsletter, and other communication channels to inform your supporters that the e-signing form is now available on your website. This also provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the scheme among your supporters and highlight your cause’s commitment to operating sustainability. Or include a smart link in your mailout which directs the recipient to a prefilled online form. This makes the process even easier for them and reduces the likelihood of the form being rejected by Revenue due to errors.

Tackling the issue of unclaimed tax relief on donations is an easy and guaranteed way to increase your fundraising income, so the CHY 3/4 e-signing tool is an essential tool for a fundraiser’s toolkit.

To get more details on iDonate’s e-signing service, just get in touch.