Cork Charity asking public to walk mile in Shoes of those Less Fortunate

Cork Charity asking public to walk mile in shoes of those less fortunate to raise funds for Russian Hospice

A Cork-based charity has asked the public to walk a mile in the shoes of those less fortunate in a bid to raise funds for Ivanskoye Hospice in Russia.

The Greater Chernobyl Cause which previously supported the renovation of the Russian hospice, will raise funds for its operational costs by asking supporters to walk a mile anytime up to the end of June, and donate whatever they can afford via the charity’s iDonate profile.

Set up by Fiona Corcoran, Greater Chernobyl Cause has worked to improve the lives of vulnerable people living with the effects of nuclear testing, abandonment, orphanage, and those living in horrendous conditions throughout Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan.
Donations can be made online via iDonate platform.

Cork News – Live – 26 May 2020
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