Creating a Team Page

What is a Team Page
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A team page is designed to show a group of individual fundraising pages with links to each page.

The main feature of a Team Page is the Running Total. Each team page will show the combined running total of all pages added to the team. You can also enter a description and add a team image.

How do I create a Team Page

A team page is created within a fundraisers account.


  1. Login to
  2. Select My Team from Left Menu
  3. Click link “Click here to create a Team Page.
  4. Complete Team Name, Description and add an Image
  5. Save


You have now created a Team Page. Next step is adding individual pages to your team. This must be done under same fundraiser account as above.


  1. Open your team members page. You can use our search page
  2. Click the Add to Team icon shown below.
  3. Select your team name and add.
  4. Repeat for each team member.

Thats it! You will now have a team page like