Edith Wilkins Cork charity CEO pleads for help

Edith Wilkins Cork charity CEO pleads for help

“COVID-19 is going to wipe out an untold amount of people in India,” says Edith Wilkins.

The Cork CEO of the Edith Wilkins Street Children Foundation India is appealing for funds. Because of Covid-19, fundraisers have been cancelled. But Edith, whose foundation is based in Darjeeling, West Bengal — a state in eastern India — says that that country “is going from bad to worse”.

As well as Covid-19, a cyclone left West Bengal devastated and a massive locust infestation across India destroyed crops.

India has been particularly badly hit by Covid-19. With just four hours’ notice, the government closed down the country on March 13. As a result, hundreds of thousands of labourers (without contracts), living in slums, were ordered to go home, with many of them arriving in Darjeeling on foot.

“The problem is, Covid-19 is hitting there but there’s no PPE equipment. Plastic raincoats are being used (by medics),” says Edith.
“If the kids stay in education rather than going into child labour — which is the reason they end up being trafficked — the government will actually pay them to stay in school. This is a massive breakthrough which started last year. We work really closely with the government.”

But in the meantime, food shortages and Covid-19 mean that funds are urgently needed.

Donations can be made here to Edith Wilkins fundraising page.

Echo Live  –  1 July 2020
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