GAA National Club Draw on iDonate

GAA National Club Draw on iDonate

iDonate are now perfectly positioned to support the GAA National Club Draw. The company launched an online raffle system last Autumn and to date have successfully completed over 200 online raffles.

GAA Clubs view the GAA National Club Draw as an important source of annual revenue. The clubs sell the tickets to its members, whilst the GAA put up all of the prizes.
Given the current Covid-19 restrictions, clubs are finding it increasingly difficult to get face to face contact with members.

GAA Clubs are now looking at all available online option to sell the tickets. Firstly, iDonate gives clubs a channel to reach their members to sell the tickets. Secondly, it allows for the secure processing of online payments. Thus taking the need to handle cash out of the equation.

The online raffle is free to setup. iDonate uses the same fee structure for the raffle as it does for regular online donations.

A typical raffle can be setup in a few minutes.
This is the information required :
Name of the Raffle.
Target amount to be raised.
Closing date and time for sale of tickets.
Date of Raffle – if known.
Short Description of the raffle.
List of Prizes.
Ticket prices (eg, 1 for €10, 3 for €25, 10 for €50, etc).
Profile Image – Typically a Club Logo.
Banner image – plain background image.

iDonate Press Release – 3 January 2021

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