Galway Diocese Church Collections

Galway Diocese Church Collections

The Diocese of Galway, Kilmacduagh & Kilfenora now have an online facility to assist all parishes with church collections.
The Galway Diocese website lists all 40 parishes in a drop-down menu.
The parishioner selects the parish and makes the donation using their credit card.

Monies received through the website will be transferred to the the intended parishes.
The Diocese are using the iDonate online fundraising platform to process the donations.
Donations can be once-off of recurring monthly.

Additionally, once a donor has donated 250 euro in a calendar year, they are prompted about the Charity Tax Back Scheme, where an additional 40% of monies donated can be recouped by the parish at not additional cost to the donor.
iDonate have a Revenue approved eSign system in place which eliminates the need for printed the CHY 3 / 4 Forms.

Visit Galway Diocese website for more information:

Click to see list of Parishes and MAKE A DONATION.