NEW Gifts of Impact Creator Tool For Causes

Create a Meaningful Donor Experience This Christmas

  iDonate have just launched a new tool that will make Christmas fundraising easier for causes, and Christmas giving more meaningful for donors. The free Gifts of Impact Creator tool is available to all causes in their Cause Admin Panel and is quick and easy to use. Using this tool, causes can set up a selection of Christmas ‘gifts’, which supporters can purchase by making a donation.   Each ‘gift’ should represent the value of the donation, for example a €50 donation will provide a Christmas Family Hamper. This creates a more meaningful experience for the donor, as they can understand the impact that their donation will have. After purchasing a gift, the donor will receive a Christmas themed certificate with details of their donation. This certificate will also feature your cause logo. See below the simple steps to setting up a Gifts of Impact section on your iDonate Public Profile Page, as well as a list of FAQs in relation to this tool.  

How to Set Up Your Gifts of Impact on iDonate

Setting up your Gifts of Impact on iDonate is quick and simple!
  1. Login to your iDonate Cause Admin panel here
  2. Click on The Gifts of Impact tab on the right hand green menu
  3. Click on ‘Add Gifts of Impact’
  4. Enter the details of the gift and choose a category for these gifts e.g. Christmas
  5. Upload an image of your gift
  6. Click ‘Save’
  To add more gifts, just repeat the steps above. Once added, your gifts will all appear on your iDonate Public Profile Page, in a new section called ‘Gifts of Impact’. You can then direct supporters to this page, so that they can purchase a ‘gift’ in aid of your cause.  



Where do my Gifts of Impact appear after they have been added?

Once set up, each Gift of Impact will appear on your iDonate Public Profile Page. This is the page that provides information about your cause. To view your cause’s Public Profile Page, login to your Cause Admin Panel, select ‘Main Menu’ and click on ‘View Public Profile’. There is also the option to create a category page for your Gifts of Impact – like this page here. For details on how to set up a category page, please email [email protected].  

How can Supporters purchase a Gift of Impact?

Once your Gifts of Impact are set up, you can direct supporters to your iDonate Public Profile Page. Here supporters can purchase a Gift of Impact easily, by clicking on the ‘Buy Gift’ button. Their donation will be transferred to your cause in the same way as a regular donation.  

Will Supporters receive acknowledgement of their gift?

After purchasing a Gift of Impact, the donor will receive a certificate confirming their donation. If you would like your donor to receive a Christmas themed certificate, please choose ‘Christmas’ as the category for your gifts. Please note that the certificate can be made out to a recipient name, if the donor is purchasing the Gift of Impact on behalf of someone else.  

Can I add my Gifts of Impact to my website?

You can add your Gifts of Impact to any website by using the widget code provided. You will find the widget code in the Gifts of Impact section of your Cause Admin Panel. Website visitors can then purchase a Gift of Impact via your site, in the same way as they would on your iDonate Public Profile Page. You can also ask your corporate supporters to embed the code on their site, so that employees can purchase a Gift of Impact in aid of your cause.  

How can I get further information about this tool?

For more details check out the full FAQ section in your Cause Admin Panel – this is located in the Gifts of Impact section. If you require further support, contact [email protected].