Help keep Inchydoney Inshore Lifeboat afloat

Help keep Inchydoney Lifeboat afloat

The Inchydoney Inshore Lifeboat Association turns 50 this year and, despite its two main fundraising events falling foul of the pandemic, there is still plenty to celebrate about the invaluable service
Formed against the backdrop of a tragic drowning in 1968 when father-of-six John Crowley lost his life, the lifeboat provides back-up to the Cork County Council lifeguards who patrol the beach.
Operating seven days a week in July and August and on weekends in June and September, the Inchydoney Inshore Lifeboat was this season run by Tom Neville and his son Grattan.
The lifeboat crew is supported by a dedicated committee responsible for fundraising, maintenance and the general day-to-day management of the service.
‘Our main objectives are the promotion of water safety, the prevention of drownings and to make visiting the beach and engaging in watersports as safe as possible,’ vice-chair of the committee John O’Sullivan says.
The rolling waves synonymous with the beach are what make it such an attractive destination for watersports enthusiasts across the region.
The recent rescue of two surfers caught in a rip off the east beach highlights just how much this service would be missed should it ever cease.

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The Southern Star – 22 September 2020
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