iDonate rolling out new payment options

iDonate are delighted to announce it will continue to support donations through PayPal, Apple Pay & Google Pay.

In January, following donor requests, iDonate integrated with PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay to give donors more options when supporting fundraisers and causes. During this trial period, we were delighted to see improvements in donor conversion rates and user satisfaction rates. We are now seeing 1 in 4 donations processed thought PayPal.

Following discussions with PayPal, we were able to secure a favourable rate for transactions through PayPal. While this adds a small additional cost on each donation processed through PayPal, over all it will result in higher net donation income through iDonate. Additionally, iDonate allow donors to cover transaction fees. Currently 75% of donors cover the processing fees, resulting in higher net returns from fundraising campaigns run through iDonate.

From June 1st, we will be updating the current 5% across the board fee to 4% site fee, plus a transaction fee. Transactions fees incurred are as follows.

Standard Debit / Credit Card – Transaction Fee = 1%.
PayPal – Transaction Fee = 1.9% + €0.35
Google Pay & Apple Pay – Transaction Fee = 1.4% + €0.25

As you can see from above, these changes will result in no additional fees on Standard Debit / Credit Card transactions which account for 75% of total transactions.

iDonate are grateful for the continued support of Irish charities and Non-profits. Our motto is always to continue to innovate and develop new products, which help our members raise more funds online. Over the coming months you will see some major changes on the iDonate platform as we being a major rebrand.If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Stay Safe
Your iDonate Team.