iDonate Tap App Makes Giving Easier for Pieta’s National Flag Day Event

iDonate are proud to have partnered with Pieta to offer a streamlined contactless donation solution for their National Flag Day event, which took place on the weekend of September 10th 2023.

The campaign marked World Suicide Prevention Day, a time which focuses attention on the issue of suicide and reducing stigma.

For the first time ever, Pieta could provide their 75 volunteers with an easy to use option for collecting contactless donations from supporters on the day, at various public locations such as shopping centres. By downloading the iDonate Tap App to their phones, volunteers were able to provide an alternative for those who wished to support the campaign, but were not carrying cash.

Cathy Drummond, Campaigns and Logistics Assistant Manager at Pieta explained that before the launch of the iDonate Tap App, the charity had found it difficult to source a suitable solution to accept contactless donations for campaigns such as these:

“Our staff and volunteers used the iDonate Tap App for our National Flag Day event on World Suicide Prevention Day as a way to raise funds and awareness for Pieta’s vital services. We had been struggling to find an easy and secure solution to enable supporters who don’t carry cash to still donate, and this app was a fantastic addition. We were able to raise more funds on the day and we hope to incorporate this technology for our future campaigns”. 

Does your charity have a flag day or similar campaign coming up? Want to make it easier for your fundraisers or volunteers to accept cashless donations? Talk to Brian now to find out how our Tap to Donate App could help you to raise more.