Individual Giving Best Practices

Building out your individual giving programme can seem, at first, a daunting proposition. Acquiring new donors and maintaining them all through segmentation, stewardship and acquisition campaigns can at first seem challenging. However, it’s one of the best and most cost effective and worthwhile ways of creating a loyal donor base. After all, not everyone wants to walk a 10k for you, especially with Irish weather! 

Once you’ve everyone segmented, your ask amounts decided upon and your ad spend and campaigns in place, how do you then get your prospective donors over the line, converted, opted in and even upsold? The answer: a donation form that not only engages with your brand and backs up your storytelling, but one that makes the final steps of that donor’s journey quick, easy and reinforces your message of creating positive change for a great cause. 

So, whether you’re going with email, socials or, just letting donors find you organically, we’ve the solution for you. 

If you would like to Set-Up your Individual Giving Form today, log in to Cause Admin Panel and head over to Webforms on your side bar or you can email our expert Kevin on [email protected] 

The Ask

Just the same as a P2P, events need a clear and engaging ask, so does an individual giving campaign. Clear value propositions anchored to your storytelling and outlining the positive impacts of donations from the public can help convert those on the fence and reinforce your messaging and the good you do in the world. That’s why a value proposition per price point is so valuable.  

With iDonate’s webforms, you can input a prompt, e.g., €20 per month can provide shelter for the homeless, for every amount on the form, event using these to upsell to a CHY3-able threshold, or another level of service provision. 


Not every hero needs a villain, but they certainly need an image that propels them from a story to a real person! Hero imagery on the last step of journey reinforcing positive service provision, outcomes and the difference your cause and the donor are making together are incredibly important in driving conversions. That’s why iDonate’s new webforms afford the opportunity to insert rich hero imagery that’s also optimised for mobile screens. With an ever-increasing amount of donations coming from mobile devices, keeping your campaign’s branding on point is as important as ever. On the other hand, with higher value donations coming from PCs and laptops, having the best of both worlds is an absolute necessity. 

UX to the Forefront

The donation form, is, of course, part of a larger journey for your donor. After awareness and decision-making phases of acquisition, conversion is key. Similarly, after crafting a rich campaign that really captures the hearts of prospective donors stewarding them to make a donation, it would be a shame to let them down by making the last leg clunky, difficult or buggy. Clear steps with an end in sight and no unexpected hurdles are vital here. That’s why we’ve created a three-step form: select an amount, enter your details and donate. There’s no account creation or mandatory data capture. Just a clear, user-friendly amble to the finish line. 

Data, Data, and Data

How do you learn and grow from your campaigns? Data! Inserting data capture for ongoing comms affords you a quick and easy means to learn who you can target next. The opportunity to enter your analytics code, pixel and tracking on the forms helps you gauge your campaigns’ efficacy and can propel your fundraising to the next steps. Our forms have fully customisable data capture and allow you also to track, insert widgets and more with fully customisable headers and footers you can learn where your donors are coming from, how each channel is converting and shape your campaigns from there!  

If you have any further questions on Individual Giving, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected]