Limerick Garda Kenneth McDonald epic challenge will help continue to share all of Shay’s dreams

Limerick Garda Kenneth McDonald epic challenge

A LOCAL garda’s epic challenge in aid of Share a Dream has taken on a new significance following the tragic passing of its founder.
There is sadness across Limerick following the passing of Shay Kinsella, who founded Share a Dream, from cancer over the weekend.​
The charity has helped the dreams of hundreds of local terminally ill children come true, with special days out, and treats.

Following a break-in at the charity’s premises in Plassey, Kenneth McDonald, a garda training instructor and rowing record holder, pledged to haul a 30kg rowing machine up to the top of Ireland’s tallest mountain before completing a 10km row on its peak.
Despite the tragic news, Ken said, with the family’s blessing, he will still carry out the challenge on Saturday, August 8 – and he has once again appealed for people to support him.​

“My motivation is now at an all time high now. I’m definitely more committed now to doing the best I can. ​Shay was an eternal optimist and a very positive individual.

The last thing he would want for there to be any change of plan. The family are very excited. I was talking to John his son yesterday, and they will still come to Carrantouhill to see us off. It’s given them a lift,” he explained.

Ken, who broke a rowing speed record at the Shannon Rowing Club last year, said he was moved to do the challenge after seeing the mini garda station he helped build at the Share a Dream centre in Plassey targetted by thieves.

Aiming to raise €25,000, he’s already up to €16,000 on the internet, with a further €1,000 coming from pledges made in person.

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Limerick – 3 August 2020
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