New Campaign Page Design

New Campaign Page Design

At we are always trying to improve our platform and add new features.

Recently we have re-designed our Campaign / Event Details Pages with new features to help causes raise more funds.

Success Story

During the June 9th 2018 event held at the Wicklow, Meaghermore Beach, over 2500 women showed up to show their support, breaking a Guinness World record as the event turned out to be the World’s largest Skinny Dip.

Due to their commitment, the ladies raised almost €400,000  for Aoibheann Pink Tie. The event attracted the world’s attention as news items all over the globe reported it.  Such news is great to hear and gives hope to many. Event organiser Dee Featherstone says :- campaign page played a key part in our fundraising strategy. Our ladies were delighted with the no hassle setup option when they went to setup their pages and without a doubt this helped boost online donations as a result

The event used the new features, which helped increase what was raised as more online fundraising pages were created.

Check out the World’s largest Skinny Dip event page here ->

What’s new – 

  1. Running Total

The new layout enables you to see the total amount raised from all fundraising pages.

  1. Quick Page Setup

This feature enables fundraisers to create their personal page in a matter of seconds. The requirements include entering their name and email, and then our system will automatically generate their account and fundraising page.

  1. List Of Fundraisers

After the creation of the personal page, we now show all the individual fundraisers in connection to the event, with links to their pages.

  1. Branding

This feature focuses on the overall branding of your event. You have the option to add a banner image to your event. Each page will show this banner image by default.

  1. Social Media Sharing

As usual, social media is a good online tool that helps spread a message faster through the multiple platforms. When your event page is shared on social media, we will generate an image showing the event details. This information will be accompanied by data regarding the amount raised to date.

  1. Social Media Walls with allows users aggregate posts from different platforms onto a social media wall. You can now embed you wall onto your event page. E.g. ,

  1. Embed Into Your Website

If you want to show the fundraisers information regarding the running total on your website, it is now possible. All you have to do is easily embed the above features into your website. No coding is required and are here to assist.

What You Need To Do.

As soon as you add your event to your account, the above features will automatically display on your event page. Simply log into your admin area and select “Add Event.”

If you would like to send us your feedback regarding our new even pages, or need any assistance, please reach us through this email: [email protected]