Political Fundraising on iDonate

If you are running for elections in 2024 and need to raise funds for your campaign, it is paramount you have a fundraising strategy. Create your iDonate.ie fundraiser, get noticed and start raising funds for your campaign today the SIPO compliant way.

With strict rules around political fundraising, iDonate.ie have created a feature that will make sure your fundraising efforts are completely SIPO compliant. iDonate.ie have a growing number of candidates leveraging our political fundraising feature to amplify their message, gather supporters, and make a lasting impact.

Our new feature is designed specifically for political fundraising, ensuring full compliance with SIPO regulations, giving you peace of mind as you raise the funds needed to propel your campaign forward.

If you are simply raising funds for your political campaign, make sure to choose ‘Political – Financial Fundraising’ from the drop down menu.

Once you have created your page, engage your donors with a personalised campaign, track contributions in real-time, and harness the power of online giving to fuel your political goals.

Why choose iDonate.ie for your Political Campaign?

     1. User friendly platform
iDonate.ie provides a streamlined and user-friendly platform specifically designed for fundraising, making it easy for both candidates and supporters to navigate. With our intuitive interface, you can quickly set up your campaign, customise donation pages to reflect your message, and effortlessly track contributions in real-time.

2. SIPO Compliance
iDonate.ie ensures full compliance with SIPO regulations, giving you the assurance that your fundraising efforts adhere to legal requirements. Our platform is equipped with built-in features and safeguards to maintain transparency and accountability, helping you maintain trust and credibility with your donors and constituents.

3. Reach your audience
By choosing iDonate.ie for your political fundraiser, you gain access to a large and diverse community of donors who are passionate about supporting causes they believe in. With our platform’s extensive reach and marketing capabilities, you can expand your donor base and build on your support for your campaign more effectively than ever before.

4. Local and expert support

iDonate.ie offers extensive support and resources to help you maximise your fundraising potential. Contact us if you need any extra guidance on your campaign or tips for engaging supporters effectively. Our team is committed to providing the assistance you need to reach your fundraising goals.

To start your compliant political fundraising today, head over to ‘Start Fundraising’. As always we are always here to help if you have any questions about your campaign, please contact us on [email protected]