Raise More From Your Social Fundraising With iDonate!

Social Fundraising is a fantastic way for causes to raise funds and awareness. Monthly fitness based challenges such as ‘Walk 5k a Day in May‘ or ‘January Squat Challenge‘ are particularly popular at the moment, as they provide supporters with an incentive to fundraise.

It’s clear that social media is a great place to reach supporters and sign them up to your monthly challenges. But it can have limitations when it comes to the fundraising side of things.

With Facebook no longer a free platform, and people leaving the once popular apps in favour of other platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, causes are now having to re-think their social fundraising strategy. And that’s where iDonate comes in!

Our Social Fundraising Integration Options

We offer an integrated registration form service (currently free for a limited period!) which will make it easier for your fundraisers to engage in social fundraising and will help your cause to raise more. With this form you can provide the option to fundraise with Facebook or iDonate, giving supporters more choice over how they fundraise. It also makes it easy for Instagram users to set up a fundraising page from your advert.

Our latest stats show a 75% increase in iDonate users this year, highlighting that online fundraising pages are continuing to increase in popularity. So why not give your monthly challenge participants the choice to use whichever platform suits them best?!

And it’s not just about making fundraising easier – our stats also show that the average iDonate fundraiser raises €1,061.97 (compared to approx €212 which is the average amount raised by a fundraiser on Facebook) meaning that causes who enable participants to use iDonate will raise more.

Sound like a win win?! Then check out our two options for causes below. For more details on these options contact [email protected].

Option A

Option B

Facebook VS Instagram Fundraising

As Instagram becomes increasingly popular, stats are indicating that the ROI from Instagram campaigns is higher than the ROI from Facebook fundraisers for many causes. Causes that ran their campaign on both Instagram and Facebook have reported that supporters who signed up via Instagram (and subsequently set up a fundraising page on iDonate) raised up to 180% more than those who set up a Facebook fundraiser for the campaign.

This highlights that there is an opportunity now for causes to raise more, by running an Instagram campaign that provides the option for supporters to create an iDonate fundraising page. Interested in discussing this further with us? Contact Brian now to set up a call.

Additional Feature - Custom Communications

Another great feature that can enhance your monthly challenge campaigns is a Custom Communications Journey. We offer this service on all iDonate campaigns and emails can be tailored to suit your particular campaign.

Initial emails can provide information about the challenge, share tips and resources or share the impact of the participant’s support. Emails can then be set to trigger at certain points along the fundraiser journey, for example on receipt of the first donation, when the participant hits a certain amount of kms or when they raise half of their fundraising target.

This helps to keep the fundraiser engaged in their monthly challenge and encourages them to keep going and raise more for your cause!

Social fundraising is a rapidly growing area and iDonate are excited to be working with a number of Ireland’s leading charities to support them in making the process smoother and more accessible for all fundraisers. To discuss how we can support your cause to enhance your social fundraising campaigns, contact [email protected] now.