Rossie to Aussie
“It is not until a family member or friend requires such services that we realise the true importance of these charities”. Fergal Guihen from Roscommon has taken on a huge challenge to raise funds for Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation and North West STOP-Suicide Prevention.

In March Fergal will be taking on the challenge of cycling 23000km from Ireland to Australia. This challenge will take him through 25 countries and 3 continents over the span of 11 months, all whilst raising funds for these two important charities close to his heart.

Speaking to the challenge ahead, Fergal says; “This challenge will not be as straightforward as I would like, there will be problems and obstacles along the way, but just like anything worthwhile I will have to find a way around these challenges. Through determination and pure ignorance which I have been told I have plenty of I will find a way to finish what I set out to do and hopefully raise much needed funds for these two worthy charities. I hope you can help me by donating whatever you can.”


Mayo Roscommon Hospice is an essential charity in our community, it is not until a family member or friend becomes terminally ill that we realise the true importance of such a service. 

NorthWest Stop provides another vital service in our community such as counselling and a safe space for those that need it. We all go through challenging periods at some point and it is invaluable that a support service such as NorthWest stop is available. 


You can support Fergal by donating and also by sharing his journey and challenge through the share options on the iDonate website.