Stroll, walk or run 30k in 30 days for Down Syndrome Mayo

For more than a decade now, a church gate collection throughout the county during September has been Down Syndrome Mayo’s main fundraising activity.
It was always a great success as people went out in all types of weather to offer their time to help in the fundraising effort, with the money raised used to support families in Mayo.
This year, however, the church gate collection cannot be held due to new guidelines introduced in the bid to curb the spread of Covid-19.
So what now? “Instead, we are asking the public if they would take part in our Stroll, Walk, Run 30km in the 30 days of September instead and donate any amount they can to our iDonate page,” said Nichola Gilmartin, office administration with Down Syndrome Ireland – Mayo Branch.
The fundraising event starts on Tuesday next, September 1, and continues for the month’s 30 days.
“Some of our members have been cocooning as they have underlying health conditions and parents, guardians and families need to be extra careful. Services such as speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, personal assistants (people that help assist our members to go to camps and social activities to enable independence) and other services have been reduced or cut due to Covid-19.”
Nichola and Down Syndrome Mayo are asking members of the public to support the charity in any small way they can. “Every little helps and is greatly appreciated.”
All money raised in Mayo is used for activities, education and support for members, and their families, throughout the county.
Donations can be made online to Down Syndrome Mayo Event.

Connaught Telegraph – 27 August 2020
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