Summer Fundraising Ideas

The summer has officially arrived, and it brings with it lots of opportunities for fun filled fundraisers!

Below are some of our favourite summer fundraising ideas, to give you or your supporters some inspiration and help you to raise more.

Setting up an iDonate event page for your chosen fundraiser is easy – just login to your Cause Admin Panel here and click on the Your Events/Campaigns and Teams tab >> Add Event. Then fill in your event details and click ‘Update’ to save.

For support with setting up an iDonate event page, or an online summer raffle page, just email [email protected].


1 – Ladies’ Lunch / Ice-cream Sunday

Summer Fundraising Ideas from iDonate - Ladies Lunch

Better weather puts people in the mood for socialising, so summer is the ideal time to ask your supporters to hold a get-together in aid of your cause. Whether it’s a Ladies Lunch for friends, or a family friendly ‘Ice-cream Sunday’ in the back garden, this is a feel-good fundraiser that everyone can get involved in!

The host can ask attendees to pay a cover charge or provide buckets/baskets so that everyone can donate the amount of their choosing. Or to avoid the hassle of cash and transferring this to the cause, the host can set up a fundraising page on iDonate, so that guests can donate to their page easily from their phones with just a couple of clicks.


2. Summer Head Shave Challenge

Warmer weather is also a time for shedding, so why not start a Head Shave Heroes campaign that your supporters can get behind? Participants can either shave their head at home and donate the cost of a Barbers visit or set up a fundraising page where people can sponsor them to shave their head.

This is also great fundraiser for corporate or sports teams to get involved in, so why not pitch it to your corporate sponsors as a fun office fundraiser for summer!

Create an event page for your head shave campaign in your iDonate Cause Admin Panel, to give supporters the option of either donating or setting up a personal fundraising page.


3. Summer Fitness Challenge

Summer Fundraising Ideas from iDonate - Summer Fitness

Fitness is a big focus for Summer, so make the most of this by organising a Summer Fitness Challenge! Pick a popular form of exercise that’s easy to do from home and then challenge participants to sign up to complete a set number of repetitions each day/week.

Whether it’s skipping or lunges, a squat challenge or a step challenge, participants can keep themselves motivated and accountable by raising funds for your cause.

To get started, set up an iDonate event page for your cause outlining the challenge, and then create a social media campaign asking supporters to get involved by creating a personal fundraising page.

Want to add registration and/or event merchandise? Talk to us about creating a custom registration form for the challenge, which will also automatically create a fundraising page for each registrant.


4. Summer Birthday Fundraiser Campaign

Summer Fundraising Ideas from iDonate - Birthday Fundraiser

For supporters celebrating a birthday during the summer, why not suggest that they create a birthday celebration fundraising page on iDonate, where people can donate in lieu of giving them a gift?

Our free ‘celebration’ fundraising page template is available here for all iDonate fundraisers and can be customised to include a profile photo, personal story and photo gallery.

A birthday fundraising page can be set up in minutes and shared on social media with the click of a button, so it’s an easy way for fundraisers to support for their No.1 cause and inspire others to do the same!


5. Teddy Bear’s Picnic Campaign

Summer Fundraising Ideas from iDonate - Teddy Bear Picnic

There’s nothing cuter than a Teddy Bear’s Picnic and it can also be a great fundraising idea!

Encourage your supporters to organise a Teddy Bear’s Picnic in their local park, at their local beach or even in their back garden and ask attendees to make a donation to your cause.

This is an easy fundraiser to organise and is the perfect opportunity for families to have some fun in the sun.

The organiser can make it easy for participants to donate by setting up a personal fundraising page on iDonate and sharing the link in their invitations. Donors will also be able to leave a message with their donation, letting the organiser know how much they enjoyed the day!


5. Online Summer Raffle

Summer Fundraising Ideas from iDonate - Summer raffle

An online raffle is a fantastic way to raise funds for your cause and really easy to organise on All you need is a tempting summer prize (such as a barbeque, hotel voucher or patio furniture) and a nice image for your page and your raffle is ready to go!

Supporters can click on the link to your raffle page to buy their tickets and the cost of the tickets goes directly to your cause. No need to bother with cash handling and distributing physical tickets – an online raffle simplifies everything and makes it easy for supporters to get involved.

For more info on our free raffle feature or to get support setting up a raffle page, email [email protected].


6. Office Treat Day Fundraiser

Summer Fundraising Ideas from iDonate - Office fundraiser

Now that people are back to the office, why not reach out to corporate partners to suggest a fun summer fundraiser to boost team morale?!

Whether it’s hiring an ice-cream van to provide lunch time cones for everyone (FYI July is national Ice-cream month!), organising a ‘Leave the Office Early Day’ or ‘Dress Down Day’, or facilitating an outdoor lunchtime yoga class for employees, there are lots of ways that organisations can treat their employees, in return for donations to a worthy cause.

Talk to us if your corporate partner would like to organise a fundraising event page on iDonate, to collect online donations for your cause.

We hope that the above ideas have provided you with some summer fundraising inspiration! For more information on setting up a summer fundraiser on iDonate, just contact [email protected].

Happy fundraising everyone!